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Timeshare is a high-stakes gamble that many people feel they need to take. The idea of a time share brings visions of luxury properties, high-end resorts and the promise of having a fun and relaxing trip without the hassle or expense of traveling on your own. However, timeshare comes with its fair share of costs and risks which can be difficult to manage when you’re on vacation in unfamiliar territory amongst unfamiliar people. For many time shares, these costs are just too much for one person to bear; there’s just not enough money left over from their stay at the resort each day after paying for food, drinks, room service etc. The following are all you need to know about Reputable Timeshare Attorney California:

1. You Should Always Pay the Entire Amount of Your Timeshare Payment In Advance

This is something that you’ll have to decide on with your own lawyer, but it’s generally better to pay in full up front and not worry about paying someone back later. If you pay your part up front, there’s no chance of you losing money when you lose your vacation time due to a dispute or other unfortunate event.

2. Timeshare Lawyers Can Help You With Disputes

If you had a dispute with your caretaker, you’ll be glad that you hired a lawyer. There are many things that can go wrong in a dispute. There can be issues such as:

  • Too little or too much damage
  • Secretiveness about damage
  • Negligence in cleaning up after guests
  • Negative aspects of the property (smoke, etc.) which were not disclosed in the listing or during reservation
  • Property problems which were brought on by guests other than yourself (i.e. beer leaks, garbage, parking tickets etc.)
  • Timeshare is actually worth less than the amount listed or you were mislead into believing that it was worth
  • Misinformation by the property owner or caretaker (i.e. “hidden fees” being added to the price)
  • Poor service from the property owner or caretaker for whatever reason (i.e. lack of communication, rude treatment etc.)

3. Be Careful of Rental Agreements and Representation

When you sign your rental agreement, don’t forget to read it thoroughly. If you find misrepresentation on the form, contact a lawyer immediately. If the property owner is violating the rental agreement and trying to sell something other than what is advertised, contact your lawyer.

4. Don’t Accept Basic Refunds

If you’re going to accept a “basic” refund, make sure that they do not have any additional costs like taxes or administrative fees that are included in the basic refund price. These costs can be very large so you should always fight for more if there is an argument for it in one way or another.

5. Be Careful About What You Buy

Don’t purchase anything as a gift for the property owner. This is against the rules of most timeshare companies and can lead to a lengthy dispute if you don’t mention it when you make your reservation. The best way to handle such things is to provide a gift certificate for the property owner to redeem at their own discretion at the end of your stay.

6. Get Legal Help if You Have Any Questions

There are many things that you should be aware of when going through these troubles with a timeshare company. Unfortunately, there isn’t much that a company or attorney can do if they are trying to pull something over on someone by denying them their money or misrepresenting the facts in any way whatsoever.

You should always consult with a lawyer if you feel that the timeshare company is trying to pull something over on you. Many people don’t think that they need an attorney because they have a “good” case, but even the best case can get screwed over by shady practices by timeshare companies and caretakers.