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To be a victim of crime is to have your life changed in an instant. It infiltrates every facet of your being and leaves you bereft, bewildered, and often feeling completely powerless to stop whatever it is that has happened to you. Your sense of dignity might be gone as well as your faith in humanity. In this article, you will learn more about premises liability attorney in Atlanta.

Who are Crime Victim Attorneys?

A crime victim lawyer provides legal counsel for people who have suffered at the hands of a criminal act. This person provides guidance and representation to those whose lives have been turned upside down by such an incident. Having counsel on your side is the most effective way to ensure your rights are protected, that your interests are protected, and that you get fair treatment in all proceedings.


  1. Lega advice

A lawyer is someone who provides expert legal advice, assistance, and representation to a client. This person is accountable to his or her clients. A lawyer represents the best interests of his or her client in all matters. A lawyer’s duty to their client takes precedence over everything else. The client has the right to expect that the lawyer guide them with honest advice, educate them on matters of law, and act as a professional advisor to their legal affairs.

  1. Legal representation

A lawyer will defend their client in all court proceedings. In other words, they act as a legal representative for the victim. The attorney will argue for or against punishment for the perpetrator of crime against their client as well as seek damages on behalf of the victim from an insurance company or corporation.

iii. Guiding counsel

A legal advisor will counsel their client throughout all court proceedings. The attorney will act as expert witness and work closely with the other attorneys on all matters. They will be responsible for instructing the client on what they need to do in order to protect themselves in court and they can also advise them on how they should proceed through the criminal justice system.

  1. Legal advocacy

A lawyer will take part in all proceedings aimed at either putting the perpetrator of crime behind bars or protecting their client’s rights as a victim. They will be involved in pre-trial hearings, as well as mediations and negotiations. A lawyer can also assist with parole hearings, probationary periods, and court appeals.

  1. Legislative lobbying

A legal advisor can provide representation to their client on matters related to the legislative process in terms of crimes against individuals or businesses.

  1. Experts witness

A legal advisor will testify to court on behalf of their client. This includes the elements of any acts that the client has been accused of committing. A lawyer will be able to speak directly to the court in terms of how they can or cannot be convicted or set free by a particular verdict.

For most victims, finding a lawyer is not as difficult as it might seem. Make sure that the lawyer you hire is experienced with the field of law that you need them for. For example, if you have been accused of a crime, then you need to find a lawyer who has experience in criminal law. The same goes for accidents and slip and fall cases.